Make Healthy Snacks With WIC Foods

Finding a healthy snack (for adults and kids) can be difficult. The temptation for all kinds of unhealthy munchies seems to lurk at every turn, but there are so many healthy delicious snacks you and your little one can try instead. To make it easy, snack on WIC foods.

Making sure your snack has nutritional value is the key. Vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber are important building blocks to a healthy snack. Healthy snacks may include options with fruit, veggies, protein, whole grains and calcium. Healthy WIC Snacks

Snacking on WIC foods helps ensure there is nutrition in your snack.

If your snack doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value – like candy that is filled with sugar but doesn’t offer much more – you probably want to find a healthier option. Health experts recommend steering away from unhealthy fats, sugar and empty calories as much as possible.

If you are looking for ideas, we have a few.  Here are some options to consider: avocado on whole grain toast, peanut butter toast, banana slices with peanut butter, smashed black bean dip with carrots or celery, oatmeal and peanut butter balls, yogurt or rolled up slices of cheese.

Don’t let the ideas stop there. You can search Texas WIC’s website for more recipes here. There are lots of resources online for more even more ideas, including the USDA’s recipe bank


WIC experts recommend serving a variety of food and leading by example, according to their website

Texas WIC experts also suggest getting kids involved in the kitchen to help create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Age-appropriate activities might include cutting “foods into fun and easy shapes with cookie cutters.”


Texas WIC offers virtual nutrition classes. Nutritionists cover a range of topics for pregnant mothers and mothers trying to help their children eat as healthy as possible.

Here are a few classes currently being offered from Texas WIC that provide even more tips on nutrition. Simply click on the links below and follow the instructions for registration:

Nutrition and Self Care For A New Mom:

Smart Snacks for Children:

Whole Grains For Good Health:

Follow the Rainbow with Fruits and Vegetables:

Picky Eaters – Making Peace with Food:

Texas WIC is a supplemental nutrition program for expectant mothers and their children up to age 5 who meet certain criteria. The program provides nutrition counseling and support, free monthly food packages and breastfeeding support.  To find out if you may be eligible, visit to apply. 

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