Get More WIC Fruits, Vegetables Until End of Year

Texas WIC is has extended a popular expanded benefit to get even more WIC produce through Dec. 31. The extra benefits will be added to your card to redeem with your other WIC benefits.

According to the extended fruit and vegetable benefits provide the following:

  • Children get $24 (in fruit and vegetable benefits) each month
  • Pregnant, postpartum and some breastfeeding clients get $43 each month
  • Fully and partially breastfeeding clients get $47 each month

For example, if you are pregnant and have two children (ages 1-5) receiving WIC, you will get $91 ($43 mom + $24 child + $24 child = $91) each month in October, November and December to buy fruit and vegetables. states, “You will see this new amount on your shopping list under your benefit amount. If you already have benefits on your card for October or November, your WIC office may contact you for a time to update your benefits. Contact your local WIC office if you have any questions.”

You can use your WIC benefits at any JC Food Mart location. JC Food mart is a chain of primarily WIC grocery stores that offers an easy, hassle-free shopping experience for WIC clients. You don’t have to search aisles to find WIC-approved products. Instead, our bilingual clerks will personally help you get all the items you want. To find out how easy WIC shopping can be, visit any of our 10 area San Antonio stores today. Find a location near you in the link below: